Chokhi Dhani, Jaipur – Entry Fee, Visit Timings, Things To Do

Exhibiting real nature of Rajasthani culture, Chokhi Dhani is a well known and amazing fascination of Jaipur. It is an ethnic town resort offering all of you kind of stimulation alternatives including move, music, nourishment and lodging in regal styles. You can remain here for a day or more and get acclimated with the dynamic culture of Rajasthan. 

In the event that you are remaining here at the town resort, at that point, you can investigate the area all alone, yet the fundamental festival begins at night with an energizing feel. The night exercises at Chokhi Dhani incorporate enchantment appears, manikin appears, Rajasthani move, Rajasthani society music, future tellers, an aerobatic exhibition on a bamboo and karma anticipating parrots. There are likewise intriguing exercises and undertakings that will keep you totally connected with, similar to camel ride, elephant ride and pony ride and sailing 

The custom of ‘Rajasthani culture’ or Chokhi Dhani began right off the bat in 1989. The ethnic town resort is spread over a zone up to 10 sections of land and gloats of flawlessly structured cottages. what’s more, workmanship here takes you to the hour of regal accommodation given to lords and rulers. 

A visit during the hour of fairs and celebrations is the most ideal approach to get acquainted with the way of life and human progress of the land; celebrations are the fundamental appeal of Chokhi Dhani, which are the greatest and fantastic occasions here, celebrated with incredible energy. 

Not to overlook the customary photograph studio, historical centre, and national craftsmanship and speciality market showing a rich presentation of Rajasthani culture. The outside eateries here serve you the mouth-watering Rajasthani food

Thusly, Chokhi Dhani is perhaps the best approaches to find the genuine craftsmanship, culture and custom of the state Rajasthan.

Choki Dhani, jaipur

Interesting activities in Chokhi Dhani Jaipur

  • Live Entertainment: Nights are best at Chokhi Dhani where you can live exhibitions of move and music and other engaging exercises. The live exhibitions incorporate Chaupal Nach Gan Re (society move and music appear), Nat Ro Kartab (trapeze artistry on bamboo tree, with no wellbeing), Nagkanya (a living blend of a snake and a young lady), Kathputali Ro Nach (manikin show) and Jadu Ro Khel (enchantment appears)
  • Rides: Appreciate the picturesque town and the close to regions of Chokhi Dhani from the back of elephant, camel or pony
  • Home bases: There are various spots for hanging out in Chokhi Dhani including creating bazaar-Haat bazaar, photograph studio, exhibition hall (Ajyabghar), sanctuary (Mandir Devra), Rajasthani town culture and Mehndi. You can likewise get some astounding carefully assembled stuff which in a manner portrays the genuine culture and custom of the state. 
  • Fun Zone: The fun zone at Chokhi Dhani has different pleasant exercises, for example, Sanp-Sidhi Ro Khel, karma indicator, Gufa Jharni, Jungle Sair and Bhool Bhulaiya
  •  National Museum at Choki Dhani: The National Museum here displays the culture and heritage of every state in India, through which one can go through the vibrant traditions of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Jammu & Kashmir, Kerala, West Bengal etc.
  • Feasting and Cuisine: Sangri and Chaupad Jeeman Ghar are the total eating territories at Chokhi Dhani serving you delightful Rajasthani cooking styles. Gorban is another top-notch food, set-up in an open region with conventional top picks.
  • Puppet show: This spot additionally leads different manikin appears in its region. This is held in nighttimes, just before the reasonable starts. These talented puppeteers tell captivating stories of Rajasthani princesses and rulers.
  • Chaupal: Thali suppers have been a key segment of the eating knowledge in Rajasthani food. Chaupal truly signifies ‘Center point’ and is a customary semi-formal eatery where you can appreciate a conventional Rajasthani dinner. Eating here is an unquestionable requirement do encounter when visiting Choki Dhani. 

 Most importantly, the most lavish one is ‘Illustrious Rajasthani’, a feasting lobby where visitors can appreciate delightful Rajasthani cooking styles with social exhibitions by Bhopa and Bhopan

  • Entry Fee and Timing 
  • Entry Fee: Adults – INR 450 
  • Kids – INR 350,
  • Village Thali Food – INR 750,
  • Resort Buffet Food – INR 1100,
  • The above rates are per person.
  • Suites for hotel bookings – INR 13000 onwards
  • Guest Packages Few of the best packages include Standard Cottage, Executive Cottage, Royal Cottage and Suite, Mini-Suite, Haveli Suite, Family Royal Suite, Dola Maru Suite.Timings: 5 PM to 11 PM,Suitable time to visit the spot is from October to March as indicated by the wonderful climate conditions.

Overview of Choki Dhani

In the overview I am explaining some important things in choki Dhani. Likewise DINING, SHOPPING.


  1. Bindola Restaurant: This round-moulded café has insides fixed with Rajasthani Mandana divider canvases, rooftop lights, and a complicatedly cut wooden roof. The whole vibe is planned for giving you a folksy vibe with different cooking styles running from Indian to Continental. 
  1. Aragosta Restaurant: The Aragosta Restaurant, which when deciphered actually signifies “please eat”, is a multi-food Restaurant at Choki Dhani. It is probably the biggest café in Choki Dhani, with gigantic structure and lovely insides. 
  1. Kesar Kyari grill: It is an outside eatery with outside guest plans and opens at night and offers some lip-smacking vegan and non-veggie lover rarities. The open-air seating, with a perspective on close by towns, makes this spot impeccable of private gatherings and towns. This spot is well known for admirable grill dishes. 

Barely any different spots incorporate Sangri Dining Hall serves nourishment on the savouring leaf platter, whereupon you can appreciate credible Rajasthani cooking. Outdoors feasting at Gorbandh, which is well known for Rajasthani tidbits and indulgences. The expense for Village Thali Food is INR 700 and that for Resort Buffet Food is INR 1100.

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